Five Ways Document Management Improves Customer Documentation

document management

Fast and reliable shipping is an integral part of keeping your business moving forward. Without exceptional customer documentation, your company could lose out to your competition. This reality is what is driving many enterprises to choose document management, a proven way to improve and facilitate excellent customer service.

How to Offer Free Shipping Without Losing Money

mailing systems

Is your online shop ready for the holidays? If you're wondering how to entice a few more sales this shopping season, you may consider offering free shipping on your merchandise during the holidays. Free shipping may not seem like a deal for you since you'll have to pay to send your product to your customer. But the research is clear: online customers love free shipping, and they'll even wait longer to get it. Here's how to make sure you still make your profit margins while offering free shipping.

Document Management for Human Resources

document management

Modern business is data-heavy, and perhaps no departments in large companies know this more than human resources. HR departments generate pages upon pages of documents every day and are rightly concerned with security and fast turnaround.

For small and medium-sized businesses, this HR reality highlights a growing necessity for electronic document management. Document management makes it simple to catalog, secure, share, and send electronic files, all with powerful and intuitive tools.

How to Choose the Right Multifunction Copier

multifunction copiers

Are you in the market for a new multifunction printer? If you've already started searching, you're likely a bit overwhelmed. There are more options available to consumers today than ever before, which is great news for connectivity, productivity, and efficiency. But when it comes to choosing the best machine for your business, the many options available may make it difficult to make a decision.


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