Promote Your Next Fundraiser with Wide Format Printing

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As anyone who's served on a committee knows, organizing a yearly fundraising event begins months in advance of the date. From securing the perfect location to renting linens and planning the dinner menu, there's plenty to consider.

This year, why not try wide format printing to stand out from the crowd? State-of-the-art wide format printing opens up exciting new possibilities to promote your organization and your event. Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Assessing the Benefits of Managed Print Services

managed print

Whether you've just heard of Managed Print Services or have been reaping the benefits of an MPS partnership for years, the start of a new year is a good time assess its role in your operations. Let's begin by defining Managed Print Services and then taking a closer look at the different ways it can benefit your organization.

3 Steps to a Streamlined Office in 2018

work space

Your faith-based organization may not have an expansive budget, but with a little help, your office can run as if you do. Read on for some simple tips for streamlining your office and your daily processes.

1. Spruce up your workspace.

A cluttered desk may be a sign of a great mind at work, but for most of us, clutter is just a distraction. Destress your team by cleaning up the clutter, beginning with welcoming areas and ending in the break room. Here's how:

Get It Right Every Time With Production Print


Businesses and other organizations spend a great deal of effort choosing their brand. The perfect match of color and logo can draw customers to your services and product, while an unappealing choice can making them look elsewhere. For some organizations, the best way to maintain control over their branding is to acquire in-house production print equipment. Read on to discover the exciting benefits.

How an Unmanaged Print Environment Impacts Your Company

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You've no doubt heard the statistic—U.S. office workers print around 10,000 pages each, per year.

It's hard to imagine that your organization's employees churn out 10,000 documents in a year's time, but an accumulation of every day, sometimes thoughtless, decisions that make that number so high. Read on to find out how an unmanaged print environment may be impacting your organization.

The Impact on Your Budget

Consider these unnecessary pages that most of us print and discard without thinking.

Electing the Best Multifunction Copier for Your Requirements

multifunction copier

There are plenty of good reasons why businesses choose multifunction copiers for their daily office processes. Benefits such as high-quality printing and copying, network connectivity, paperless workflow solutions, and professional finishing capabilities make multifunction copiers indispensable tools for offices of all types and sizes.

3 Can't-Miss Advantages of Production Print

production print

As a business leader, you want solutions that deliver productivity and cost savings while giving you a leg up on the competition. Production print does all three, plus a lot more.

Better Results In-House

Does your organization have high printing demands and a need for exceptional quality control? Here's how a high-performing production print system can meet your needs.


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