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Businesses and other organizations spend a great deal of effort choosing their brand. The perfect match of color and logo can draw customers to your services and product, while an unappealing choice can making them look elsewhere. For some organizations, the best way to maintain control over their branding is to acquire in-house production print equipment. Read on to discover the exciting benefits.

How an Unmanaged Print Environment Impacts Your Company

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You've no doubt heard the statistic—U.S. office workers print around 10,000 pages each, per year.

It's hard to imagine that your organization's employees churn out 10,000 documents in a year's time, but an accumulation of every day, sometimes thoughtless, decisions that make that number so high. Read on to find out how an unmanaged print environment may be impacting your organization.

The Impact on Your Budget

Consider these unnecessary pages that most of us print and discard without thinking.

Electing the Best Multifunction Copier for Your Requirements

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There are plenty of good reasons why businesses choose multifunction copiers for their daily office processes. Benefits such as high-quality printing and copying, network connectivity, paperless workflow solutions, and professional finishing capabilities make multifunction copiers indispensable tools for offices of all types and sizes.

3 Can't-Miss Advantages of Production Print

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As a business leader, you want solutions that deliver productivity and cost savings while giving you a leg up on the competition. Production print does all three, plus a lot more.

Better Results In-House

Does your organization have high printing demands and a need for exceptional quality control? Here's how a high-performing production print system can meet your needs.

Your Faith Center's Weekly Bulletin—How to Simplify the Process

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Does your church or faith center publish a weekly bulletin? Many do, and some groups also publish and distribute monthly or quarterly newsletters to keep members and friends informed.

At Liberty Business, we know how important your faith center is to the community and your members. Keeping everyone informed should be an enjoyable task, but that isn't always the case. To prevent your weekly bulletin or quarterly newsletter from becoming a burden to your staff, we offer the following helpful tips.

Need Help Choosing a Multifunction Copier? Here It Is!


Multifunction copiers are taking over the office and for a good reason. These high-functioning devices can transform the way workgroups of all types and sizes perform daily tasks.

Deciding to acquire a multifunction system is easy — deciding which device among thousands of choices? That's a little bit more challenging. Fortunately, your equipment provider can help you find a multifunction system that matches your requirements. In the meantime, here's a run-down of the fundamentals:

Production Print — Benefits You Can Measure

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There's no question that print technology is advancing at a rapid pace. In-house capabilities that were unheard of in the not-so-distant past are now available to organizations of all types and sizes.

If you've been relying on outsourced printing, it's time to take a tour around the world of production print. For many organizations, an in-house production print solution is a true game changer. Here's why:

Need a Managed Print Assessment? Find Out Now!

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Have you taken the pulse of your print environment lately? Is your fleet improving your workflows and creating new opportunities for efficiency? If not, do you know why? And what about expenses? Can you put your finger on a number that accurately reflects your real costs? Many business leaders are working with managed print providers to reduce costs and improve productivity. Here's what they've learned.


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