Three Questions to Ask When Seeking New Office Equipment

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Your faith center brings value to the community, and an efficient office is key to helping you meet your goals. If you're ready to lease or purchase new equipment, read our tips for a smoother experience.

1. What if our current equipment is still in good condition?

Technology changes rapidly, which means a check-up may be in order. We can help your organization evaluate the condition of your current equipment, including its overall cost-of-ownership. You may discover that upgrading could save you money in the long run.

What Makes Multifunction Copiers Different

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Multifunction copiers aren't like regular copiers. It's not just because they have more functions or because they're more advanced--they actually have a delicately balanced combination of features that makes them a brand-new kind of solution for your workflow woes. Here's a look at what makes multifunction copiers different.

Multifunction Copiers for Architecture Firms

If you're running an architectural firm and you're wondering what you need in an office copier, it's time to start asking the right questions. For most architects, print quality is an important measure of your copier's value, but it can be hard to find the exact mixture of low costs, high quality, and user-friendliness. Finding the right copier is much easier when you have a team of experts helping you out. Here are some pointers to get you started.

A Short Guide to Taking Production Printing In-House

You've done your research, made your purchases, and taken a deep breath. Now it's time to jump in: you're moving your production printing in-house! Congratulations! This transition is a smart one: it lowers your turnaround times, gives you more control over your printing process end-to-end, and makes your printing cheaper. But now what? You may be a little overwhelmed thinking about the many hats you'll be wearing as the sole printer for your own in-office print shop, but there's no reason to panic.

Lower Costs with Managed Print

Most business professionals are looking for creative ways to reduce overall costs without sacrificing productivity, and many are missing an area ripe for improvement: printing. For most businesses, printing is a money pit, full of waste and inefficiencies, and it sometimes represents the third highest expense that a company incurs over a year's time, right after payroll and rent.

Wide Format Printers Across Industries

It's incredible how versatile large format printers are, and how many different industries rely on these machines to get the job done. There was a time when wide format printers were only in commercial print shops due to their size, complexity, and cost—meaning that it was almost a requirement for companies to outsource their large prints. This meant paying the associated cost of outsourcing and waiting for sometimes excruciatingly slow turnaround times.


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