Liberty Proven Process

Liberty Proven Process

An Effective Process, A Dedicated Company

When you work with a company like Liberty Business Systems, you want to know that they’ll help set you up for success. Liberty Business Systems ensures that all of our customers get the exact results they’re looking for. By following the Liberty Business Systems proven process, we turn prospective partners into happy clients.

Knowledge is Power

At Liberty Business Systems, we train our team thoroughly to make sure they have all of the knowledge, tools and resources needed to answer any questions that may arise. We want our clients to feel comfortable reaching out to us and seeing us as consultants for all of their office technology needs.

The 2/2/2 Review

We work hard to ensure that all of our clients stay on track for success. We provide continuous support and address problems before they arise. One way we do this is with the 2/2/2 Review, which gives us follow-up guidelines to help you get your new hardware, software, or organization systems off the ground.


The first check-in during the 2/2/2 Review occurs just two days after everything is set up. This gives you time to use the products or processes and see where you may have questions or problems. If you experience issues, we’ll work on them as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t lose any time or productivity.


After the first review, we wait two more weeks and do another check-in. At this point, you’ll most likely have a good feel for your new product. This second visit lets us look back at how things have been going so far and make any necessary adjustments. It also gives us the chance to answer any new questions that may have arisen.


Two months later, we’ll do our final scheduled review. This lets us see how the products and processes are working long-term and make any final tweaks. Usually, everything is running smoothly and clients are already looking forward to their next exciting endeavor. Of course, after this assessment is over, our team is still available to support our clients at any time!

Liberty Proven Process: A Team Dedicated to You

Liberty Business Systems provides you with a knowledgeable representative ready to answer your questions whenever you have them. We assign territories to our team so they can focus on specific customers, get to know their businesses and instill the confidence that comes from seeing the same techs regularly. When you work with Liberty Business Systems, you’re more than just another business–you’re a valued partner.

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