Rules Based Printing

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Rein in Your Office Printing

When businesses don’t keep careful track of their printing expenses, costs can add up quickly. Between wasteful practices, excessive supply usage and other factors, companies can lose a lot of money without even realizing it.


Rules-Based Printing from Liberty Business Systems helps businesses reign in exorbitant printing costs and get everything back on track. We’ll help you see where your printing expenses come from and determine how to reduce or eliminate them.

What Is Rules-Based Printing?

Rules-Based Printing involves setting up restrictions on printing in your office. By limiting printer usage to work-related jobs only, employees won’t waste funds and supplies.

Rules-Based Printing has additional advantages, including:

  • Document tracking and management capabilities
  • Mobile printing options
  • Setting quotas for users and departments  

Safety and Security

In addition to its budgetary benefits, Rules-Based Printing comes with security benefits. By ensuring that only certain people can print documents, this solution helps prevent information from being stolen. You can track use your devices and when they use them.

Holding Everyone Accountable

In an office environment, everyone needs to work as a team. With Rules-Based Printing, you can emphasize the importance of conserving resources and staying on task. When everyone takes accountability and does what’s right for the company, everyone benefits.

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