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Digitize with Scanning Solutions

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The process of scanning all of the documents in an office that need to be kept may sound like a big job, but it leads to a much better organizational system that saves both time and money. Once the documents have been scanned and can easily be turned into hard copies if needed by printers and copiers, the documents will be much more accessible by those who need them.

Is It Time to Invest in New Printers and Copiers?

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Business leaders are always on the look-out for ways to cut operating costs and save time. If you've pulled out every trick in your hat and your processes are still plagued by bottlenecks and slow-downs, your printers and copiers could be part of the problem.

Should You Consider an Upgrade?

You could be losing considerable time and money due to inefficient printers that also cost more than they should to operate. Here's how you can know if it's time to invest in better printers and copiers.

Are Your Printers and Copiers the Weak Link in Your Network?

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Have you done everything in your power to secure your company's printers and copiers? Modern imaging equipment goes far beyond basic printing and copying, with internal hard drives that are frequent targets for hackers. The fact is that cybercrime attacks never let up, and you need to make sure your printers and copiers aren't the weakest links in your network.

5 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Printers and Copiers

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Your organization's printers and copiers help your team accomplish a long list of tasks, and creating document hard copies is just one of many. As with any technology, deciding whether to upgrade or keep your printers and copiers for a few more years isn't always an easy decision to make. While there are some benefits to getting a few more months out of your investment, replacing aging technologies may make better sense than keeping them.

Should You Replace or Keep Your Old Printers and Copiers?

Replace or Keep Your Old Printers

Several factors come into play when deciding whether to keep your old printers and copiers or replace them. Traditional reasoning falls onto the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" side of the question, but staying up-to-date with your office technology is a little different than hanging onto a classic car.

Let's consider the question of replacing your printers and copiers from the standpoint of what's best for your company.

Enhance Learning with the Lanier MFP for Education Series

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Digital workflows aren't just for business; college students have been using cutting-edge digital technologies for years. The Lanier MFP for Education Series of specialized multifunction printers and copiers allows students and instructors alike to get the most from their digital processes, improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing information security for educational institutions.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Toner Cartridges Out of Landfills

Whether your organization has one, two, or an entire fleet of printers and copiers, you're continually faced with the question of what to do with spent ink and toner cartridges. Since millions of cartridges still get tossed into landfills, it's evident that we can all do more to address this issue.

Are You Getting the Best ROI from Your Printers and Copiers?


It's evident that your printers and copiers can print and copy, but are there features on your equipment that you've yet to access? The industry has been busy coming up with remarkable solutions that could help your team shift gears into some entirely new ways of accomplishing their daily tasks.

Here are three strategies that have been proven to help businesses get more value from their printers and copiers.


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