Clear Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Printers


With proper maintenance, your printers can continue to work long past their expected life span, saving you from having to replace them as often. But with time, you're likely to start seeing signs that it is time to part with your current equipment and get a newer model. Here are some of the top ways you can tell it is time for a new model.

Use Your Wide Format Printer to Try Out These Speciality Media Types

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Looking for new ways to expand your in-house printing capabilities to promote your brand? In the world of printing, thinking out of the box can mean trying out some specialty media. Here's how the right printer can up your marketing game with stand-out promotional items printed on specialty media.

Speciality Media Printing

A wide format printer can open up new possibilities for your in-house marketing and printing team. Most of the following media types are compatible with today's wide format printers.

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