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Get Noticed with Wide Format Signage

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You've worked hard making your storefront attractive and accessible. Your website is up and running, and you're starting to see an uptick in visitors. Is there anything else you can do to draw customers to your small business?

Make a Statement

Banners and large signs have always been popular choices to advertise goods and services. Here are five reasons why so many companies choose wide format printing to promote their brand and company.

Out-of-the-Box Wide Format Printing

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What comes to mind when you think of wide format printing? Most of us think of traditional applications like banners and posters, but today's wide format printers have a lot more to offer.

Think beyond the paper rectangle.

There's no doubt that a wide format poster or banner can draw a lot of attention, but what if you tried a unique shape or substrate?

Promote Your Next Fundraiser with Wide Format Printing

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As anyone who's served on a committee knows, organizing a yearly fundraising event begins months in advance of the date. From securing the perfect location to renting linens and planning the dinner menu, there's plenty to consider.

This year, why not try wide format printing to stand out from the crowd? State-of-the-art wide format printing opens up exciting new possibilities to promote your organization and your event. Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Wide Format Printers Across Industries

It's incredible how versatile large format printers are, and how many different industries rely on these machines to get the job done. There was a time when wide format printers were only in commercial print shops due to their size, complexity, and cost—meaning that it was almost a requirement for companies to outsource their large prints. This meant paying the associated cost of outsourcing and waiting for sometimes excruciatingly slow turnaround times.

Copier Repair Service Matters

Copier Repair Service Matters

There's nothing worse than arriving at your wide format printer, ready to get to work on a big project, and realizing that it's down for one reason or another. Maybe it needs some maintenance, or it's out of ink, or it's in dire need of repair. Whatever the case, productivity comes to a screeching halt when any printer in your office is down. And if you've spent good money on your in-house printers, you don't want to have to turn around and print at a commercial print shop just to meet your deadlines.

Offset Printing versus Digital Printing: What's the Difference?

For many businesses, printing is a part of daily work. This has been the norm for many years, and during that time, printing has changed dramatically as technology has advanced. For printing these days, you have two basic options: traditional offset printing or today's modern digital printing. It's important to know the difference so that you're sure you've chosen the best, least expensive, and most efficient selection for your current print jobs. Here's a comparison to give you a better idea what you should choose.

Wide Format is Catching On

It used to be rare to see a wide format printer in any business that wasn't a commercial print shop. These days, though, advancements in technology have made wide format printers available and affordable for many kinds of companies, and they're starting to be a more common sight in offices across industries. Wide format printers can be used in a surprisingly varied number of ways, giving businesses the opportunity to control their own large format printing needs.

Introducing the Canon Wide Format Printers for Graphic Art

The world of art, quality is paramount. A reproduction of fine art or photography should never be sub-par—it should do justice to the original, bringing, even more, vibrancy and detail to the result. That's exactly what Canon's imagePROGRAF iPF8300 44" and 24" iPF6350/6300 large format printers do. They're the perfect wide format printers to bring your creativity to life.


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