Why should one printer-copier work harder than the others?

It causes more problems than you’d expect. The popular machine has more documents in the queue, which slows things down. It uses more resources like paper and toner, which need more frequent restocking, which also slows things down. Most of all, the machine wears down faster, which requires more service, which, you guessed it, slows things down.

Managed Print Services looks at your entire print ecosystem. (Yes, ecosystem. We nerd out for your benefit.) We think about workflows, traffic patterns, peak rates, usage patterns, and more. Then we metaphorically pull the levers and fiddle with the dials and present our recommendations for the most efficient printing network within your organization.

Between our own observations and some industry research we uncovered some stats.

In most businesses, printing is the 3RD HIGHEST EXPENSE behind payroll and rent.

Up to 50% of all helpdesk calls are print-related. (Spare your I.T. team.)

On average, companies that are on a Managed Print Services Plan spend 30% less than companies without one.

Most businesses throw out thousands of dollars of unusable ink/toner per year. (It expires.)

On average, employees print 10,000 pages per year.

40% of printers purchased were never approved.

Meet BreTt Overturf

Managed Print Specialist

25+ years serving customers with their office technology and printing needs, of which the first 16 years were at Office Depot as the Assistant Store Manager. Currently 9+ years with Liberty Business Systems, involved in various aspects of the business from operations to customer service to sales. Primary focus is to serve customers by using comprehensive security analytics, digitization and cloud technologies and software to deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.

Control Costs

Why spend up to 30% more than necessary? Most owners and C-suite individuals ignore print costs. Don’t be those guys.

Review Your Account

Liberty sticks with you after you sign the contract. And we’re not talking just repairs and toner replacement. Managed Print Services schedule routine check-ins to make sure you receive continuous support that adapts for the duration of the contract. We supply information and recommendations. Take it or leave it.


Monitor use and automate delivery instead of stocking up on toner in bulk hoping it doesn’t expire or rushing out when it runs out only to pay a premium at retail store.