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Printer and Copier Contracts Shouldn’t Be This Complicated.

The old way of structuring printer and copier contracts sounds completely outdated, because it is. You have to pay a fee every time someone clicks a button? What is this, 1999 where you paid a dime each time you sent a text message? It’s time to modernize.

Liberty Business Systems’ Unlimited Freedom Plan exists because of one simple truth: hassle sucks.

You shouldn’t have to stop what you’re doing to run out and get toner. You shouldn’t have to live with outdated technology. And you shouldn’t be more than a phone call away from getting someone to handle any of the paper/ink stuff.


Now printing and copying are a fixed cost, which is a fancy-pants way of saying you can plan to pay the exact same amount every month. Equipment, toner, paper, service — you get all of it for one simple, number.


What’s better than a bunch of red tape? A Red Carpet Experience. Part of that end-to-end service involves how we bill. We do our best to make the process short, simple, and straightforward.


When we say one price, we mean it. The Unlimited Freedom Plan expects some months to see more usage than others. We’re cool with it because long-term relationships matter more to us than squeezing out a few bucks.

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